Sculpture in Crete

Sculpture is small and shows limited variety. Also polychromous and realistic, it is usually made of clay covered with glazed sand.The most characteristic statue represents a goddess of fecundity. She stands, both arms stretched and holding a snake in each hand.

The statue shows the same canons one can observe in painting.

Select the image and you will be able to see the complete statue.

Notice its size, the woman´s position, the snakes and the bird over her head which make. Pay attention to her dress stressing her waist and leaving her chest bare. According to the canon, breast is considered a woman ornament. It is always big.

Glazed sand is used to give the statue a shiny finish.

If you select the original picture you will be able to see a mural painting at the Knossos Palace where the Cretan preference for curves can be appreciated.

This image, by Panayotis Samaras, is on the server forthnet, in Greece.
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